Motion of female of the turn of life must abide by 6 principles


Motion of female of the turn of life must abide by 6 principles

The project that preserve one’s health of our country past dynasties exercises is very much, enough supply is different the medium, old people of constitution and different disease type is chosen in gymnastical cure with, carry out a proof, this is significant remedial step not only, and still have fitness, delay year action. Canter, gymnastic, Medicinal powderThe activity such as the pace, also have profit very much to health.

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Female of the turn of life exercises the principle that should master:

(1) perserves: The person arrives middleaged withHind, do not wish mostly activity. After the value that realizes physical training, perserve, hold to after all; Should overcome ” 3 days to fish particularly, two days bask in the circumstance of net ” , ability gets favorable physical training result.

(2) movement is modest: WithoutTheory why to plant motion, must make the whole body departmental joint of muscle, bone can get taking exercise, but exceeding moves, it is adverse to health, cause exhaustion easily, cause even splanchnic or the harm of the body. So, should notice to rest appropriately when motion. Alleged activity is measurable, should with ” light, soft, firm ” is a principle, in physical training initial stage, peace is little not much, ning Man not fast, increase by degrees gradually. When motion, should avoid the fast, action that rotate or lowers his head, the movement that falls likely perhaps. The person is too middleaged, unfavorable attend those who contain agonistic sex or assault sexNervousActivity, unsuited also undertake too drab repetition works for long.

(3) successive: Be in intoAll rightWhen physical training, want to follow the principle that increases athletic amount gradually by grain activity, the physical strength because of the person, durable power, address degree etc rise stage by stage. Activity of splanchnic organ of the person, function also needs to get used to a process, cannot be eager to hope for success, should with arisingFatigueTo spend.

(4) campaign time: Morning air is fresh, bouncy, it is exercising best time. After just having a meal, the take action on unfavorable horse, should rest 1 ~ after 2 hours, just take exercise aptly.

(Note of 5) motion around: Before motion, should prepare first activity, can cause in order to prevent abrupt and acuteness activityFlustered, gas hurried, faint wait for a phenomenon. After motion, should undertake arranging an activity, make the body restores whack gradually, in order to be helpful for the adjustment of systemic viscera, also can prevent adverse to the body element to happen.


(6) body notComfortableOr when feeling physical strength is not raised, cannot take exercise forcibly, can decrease quantity or intermit to take exercise.

(the exercitation edits: Huang Zhen)

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