The woman should caress 14 crucial position most


The woman should caress 14 crucial position most

The woman should caress 14 crucial position most, notice special him protectionThe skin.

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1. Hair

If the female acquires the number of hair one year more than 12 times, so she suffers fromLymphatic tumourprobability is higher than catching the woman of hair 26% . The scientist considers to show, begin to catch the female of hair to suffer from from 1980LymphaticThe probability tower above of tumour 37% , so tall because,be before those catch hair agent to contain carcinogenic substance overmuch. “Saturate catchs hair agent to bring about a female more easily to suffer from on cancer. ” the scientist expresses.

2. EyeEyeball

Use computer again and again as modern woman, scientist discovery suffers fromGlaucomagrow in quantity of female year after year. When use computer, the person’s eye is staring at screen for long, bring about glaucoma thereby. Additionally female smoking also can cause glaucoma.

3. NoseChild

Every week at least 3, every time motion of half hours is beneficial to those who raise a personImmunitySystem, the respiratory tract beat back that enhances a female the descent of all sorts of bacteria.

4. The skin

Burning sun weather, the female wants the skin that notices special him protection, because long cruelDewCause in the meeting below burning sunSkin cancer. The female must be known use adequatelyPrevent bask in frostWait for article to protect his skin.

5. Breast

  BearThe child can reduce a female to suffer fromBreast cancerrisk. British cancer studies the expert thinks, when the female bears the first child, the possibility that means her to contract breast cancer decreased 7% . WithMother milk feedThe child can make a baby healthy not only grow, still can make a female suffer from rate of breast cancer machine to reduce 4.3% .

6. Heart


If the weight in a year decreases to perhaps raise 10 pounds (jin) , so female cardiac health can be damaged apparently, the loop between block up blood stream and heart. Accordingly, for heart health, female scarcely wants too slashingReduce weight.

7. Lung, CysticWith kidney

There is 114 thousand person every year to die at smoking about in England, this number is 6 times of the dead number such as traffic accident, suicide. Smoking should be in charge of for the cancer patient of 30% , for of 80% bronchitic andEmphysemaThe patient is responsible. Newest research points out, smoking still can be causedCystic cancer, ToothDisease and nephrosis.

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