8 action alleviate period breast bilges painful


8 action alleviate period breast bilges painful

1, bust bodice wants proper a bit bigger

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In menstruation, should adjust appropriately the underwear bust bodice that goes up personally, can congest as a result of period breast orOedema, so the breast increases can accordingly than ever a bit, if wear common bust bodice, meeting extruding causes ache to the breast, too small bust bodice can accentuate more this kind of aching feeling.

2, hot compress

Hot compress is one kind alleviates effectively directly method. Feel when youThe breast bilges painfulWhen, can use the hot-water bottle on towel bag, apply is in bosom. If the effect is not ideal, still can prepare a cold water, after soaking towel, Cold heat is alternantMove apply.

3, the state of mind that keeps happy

The mammary gall of physiology period, because physiology reason is caused,the half is, it did not appear on behalf of the health of the body alarm dispatch, want to maintain happy state of mind so, do not have psychological pressure, such ability can cross physiology period easily.

4, cooperate bosom to massage

Massage the blood all round OK and exciting breast to reach through proper bosomLymphaticCirculate. In day of the 7-10 before menstruation, massage every night rightBilge painfulAlso alleviate somewhat. Use both hands control to lap gently from or so both sides first the breast of a side. Next both hands is tightened up, with the big toe that is located in mammary root ministry from fall to dial the breast up. The left and right sides relapses 10 times each can. The attention bilges in the breast painful when, had better not do massage, avoid to cross big stimulation to the breast.

5, takeMedicamentsWant discreet

Physiology cycle takes medicaments to want discreet, have a few remedy that eliminate physiology period ache casually, can cause endocrine disorder. A lot of females are in physiology period is met edible a few medicaments, can alleviate with right medicaments aching, but the need when using drug is discreet, special period is more such, should according toDoctorguidance takes drug.

6, reasonable and tie-in nutrition, ensure healthy

The female that is in period should pay attention to nutrition to absorb, should absorb more especially containProteinRich food, wait like lean lean, egg, milk, bean products, WithoutWhen talking is to make sure healthy body is reachedBreast enhancementessential condition.

7, can absorbVitaminReduceUrge breastHormone

The hormone that urge breast meets those who cause a breast expand, can absorb more accordingly some contain a lot ofVitamin CAndVitamin BGroup food, adjust the production of E of the element that list gland, the help restrains those who urge lacteal hormone to generate.

8, be far fromCoffeine


Period drinks coffee to send a breast easily to bilge painful apparent, accordingly, period should avoid to drink coffee as far as possible. Additional, chocolate, Coke, Tea, contain evenCoffeineanodyne also wants to avoid.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)

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