7 flesh reducing weight kind the world of cookbook _ cate


7 flesh reducing weight kind the world of cookbook _ cate

7 flesh reducing weight kind cookbook

2014-07-27 01:23:05

Guide language: According to Japanese Life&Beauty Report website reports, taking the true account that the flesh becomes thin instead however is ” L flesh is alkaline ” . Contain in lean lean ” L flesh is alkaline ” this kind of composition conduces to adipose combustion, have effect of sarcous of will protein translate into. Contain in the flesh of sheep, ox, pig a lot of ” L flesh is alkaline ” , but in the meat that is put in the turkey fowl that is domesticated scarcely. Just be in this winter period, the cattle lean lean such as the ox is very few, want to absorb so ” L flesh is alkaline ” if had better not eat contain adipose fat.

Additional, cannot be in hollow when eat the meat. Because the flesh is food of not easy digestive, very long time keeps in the stomach in the meeting after entering empty stomach. Want to eat bit of vegetable first before eating the meat, ginger, garlic, onion, green or mustard had better be put to eat together in the food that lean lean makes, the composition such as the sulfide in these vegetable and garlic element can help aid digestion.

Mincing flesh is digested easily, ate to become very easily fat so. It is better to compare the choice barbecue and boiled flesh meat that can eat directly with hamburger and meatball photograph. 7 has the flesh cookbook that suit to reduce weight introduce below.

1, garlic and ginger are put in chop

2, garlic and onion are joined in barbecue

7 flesh reducing weight kind cookbook

3, onion is put when the beef that stew

4, ginger and mustard are put when the pork that boil

5, green Chinese onion is joined in rinse beef

6, hepatic piece in join ginger

7, green Chinese onion is put in beef chaffy dish

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