The world of cate of _ of food of 8 big star that fights consenescence


The world of cate of _ of food of 8 big star that fights consenescence

Fight food of anile 8 big star

2013-11-09 00:26:59

Guide language: Become more beautiful, it is the desire of every woman. Does every angel protect skin to taste cosmetic with one caboodle? Does the beauty parlour on weekly report for duty? Hearten accept medical plastics? Needless! Actually, there are a lot of foods to have hairdressing effect in the life, want to eat these food more at ordinary times only, can become more healthy more beautiful.

One, bizarre fruit lets you live younger more

Bizarre fruit is the superexcellent origin of vitaminic C, can albumen of collagen of aggrandizement of by means of, protection comes the process of slow down ageing. The collagen albumen in your skin is more, skin is closer fact is bouncy, after 15 years, look as before hot.

2, eat egg fingernail more hard healthy

Although fingernail is small, be health of a wife and grade truly reflect. The woman that fingernail often breaks off easily is sure the body is not quite healthy. And want to let fingernail become harder more healthy, the doctor recommends a week to eat a few eggs more. Because the egg contains a lot ofvitamin H, consider to discover, this kind of nutriment lets the key with your super and hard fingernail just about.

3, a day of one apple models attractive smile

A day of one apple, the doctor is far from me. The basis makes the statement of the dentist that the tooth blanchs, this kind fragile it is OK that fragile fruit confirms keep clear of the tooth floodwater on low-lying land that after drinking coffee, tea or red wine, keeps, still do not have attractive smile of Huang Ban to you.

4, south melon seeds eliminates a face to go up ” all over the sky star “

Nutrient expert says, melon seeds is star of blain blain gram south, because it contains a lot ofzinc. Newest professional periodical ” Journal Of The American Academy Of Dermatology ” discovery, the person of chairman blain blain lacks zinc generally, eat everyday one, two zinc piece can solve. A week eats pumpkin a few times more child, can enjoy again delicate, can be in again casual eliminate a face to go up ” all over the sky star ” , what is there against it?

5, spinach lets you have attractive electric eye

Zhu Li’s eye is so abstruse that Zhu Li’s eye photograph popular feeling soul, xiao Yaxuan of single-edged eyelid schoolgirl has the attractive electric eye that schoolgirl of general double-fold eyelid cannot have however. Actually, the eye can discharge at any time, you also can be accomplished, want to have spinach more only. Spinach contains a lot ofcorpus luteum element, consider to show, it is the key that protects an eye, the eye that lets is bright, trenchant. Eat to go to two bowls everyday, it is salad of a big spinach about. The expert says, to certain person, this deal looks be like a lot of. Can use fruit juice machine, hit a cup, absorb an amount enough.

6, western dish prevents facial ministry oedema

Expert proposal, absorb western dish everyday (call Holand mustard) again. It contains antioxidant, can slow down agnail and contractible pore; And iron can make you radiant character. Professional periodical ” American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition ” in also discovering it can increase your blood fight oxidation content, reduce the loss of DNA.

7, gram aids you to become black hair stunner

Fight food of anile 8 big star

Withered and yellow hair lets a person look color not beautiful, and the desire that the black hair with full pitch-black, sleek head is every woman. Eat gram to be able to let you dream to come true more. Gram contains a lot ofsilicon (Silicon) , one considers to discover, a day of complement that has a silicon piece, after nine month, the hair becomes stronger pliable but strong, shock apparently. Dermatological department doctor suggests, refrigerant gram microwave, regard as edible of low caloric snacks.

8, flax seed lets the skin no longer dry

A new research is in ” British Journal ” publish, discovering flax seed is the optimal weapon of antagonism dry tinea. The expert says, because it contains OMEGA-3 fatty acid, can help moist skin, keep skin softness, smooth. can asperse flax seed on salad, or it is to add the flax seed with one molar teaspoon to be in cornmeal or actor case, also can be put in biscuit or bake together on cake.

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