Attune of 6 great attentions arranges period health care the world of period _ cate


Attune of 6 great attentions arranges period health care the world of period _ cate

Attune of 6 great attentions arranges period health care period

2012-02-07 14:33:51

6 great attentions eat period health care to move suitable period to food

Guide language: Menstruation is met from our teen-age moment, accompany all the time. So to the female, menses note appears particularly important. Food of health care of period sanitation, period, period, it is the place that we should notice. Network love the United States is small make up bring period for everybody 6 great common sense, still have the food that 8 kinds of period should eat most. Make you restful and comfortable spend period.

Classics of female forthcoming month when what should notice? Friend of what problem female wants special attention? Specific understanding comes below.

Delicate food helps your desalt appreciate

In extraordinary time, suggest you had better not wear tight pants or Leggings, also should not be at the same time the food that eats high adipose, high energy, had better choose a few delicate food to be like fruit, vegetable, bean products, they can help the flavour of the menstruation inside your desalt body, make the body relaxed rise.

Attune of 6 great attentions arranges period health care period

8 kinds of food that female period should eat most

1, chicken: Wen Zhongyi gas, filling empty fills the effect of arteries and veins of essence of life, be good at taste, invigorate the circulation of blood, strong bones and muscles. Cold to Wei be afraid that lack of power and cold, giddy heart-throb, fatigue, menstruation is not moved, anaemic, medium empty feeds thirsty of little, disappear, oedema, pee to count frequency to wait have very good dietotherapy effect. Weak of old person, patient, body more appropriate edible.

2, black chicken: Have filling empty fatigue to win the effect of puerpera of weak, beneficial, the superior beautiful that is body of take a tonic to build up health is tasted. Do not move to female menstruation, leucorrhoea reachs disease of damage of a few empty to have better curative effect more.

3, hotpot: Flavour pleasant, the gender is hot, can fill the kidney Zhuang Yang, drive in warming is blood of cold, warm filling air, appetizing be good at lienal, cold to abdomen blood of painful, gas two wait for all empty shape to all have fortunately cure and benefiting effect. Use at treating kidney empty waist to ache, classics blood is not moved, the disease such as postpartum blood silt.

4, cuttlefish: Contain a lot ofA of protein, vitamin, calcic, magnesian, Selenium to wait for nutrient element, have blood of alimentary liver kidney, filling shade, regulate the menstrual function to stop the effect of the belt, use at treating classics blood to be not moved, the disease such as oedema, arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness.

Attune of 6 great attentions arranges period health care period

5, aubergine: Have clear hot invigorate the circulation of blood, connect subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to come loose the effect with silt, acetanilide detumescence. Female often overmuch to menstruation, dysmenorrhoea has edible to recuperate action certainly.

6, lotus lotus root: Contain rich vitamin K, have contractive blood-vessel and hemostatic effect, suit; to still contain fiber of many vitamin C, food and rich tannic acid very to patient of gore, haemorrhage, frail to the constitution patient also has benefiting effect. Apply to menstruation to be not moved, period shifts to an earlier date and the capacity is much wait for disease, have ” invigorate the circulation of blood and not broken blood, hemostatic and not sluggish blood ” characteristic.

7, shepherd’s purse: Have benefit water detumescence, cool blood hemostatic, step-down bright purpose effect, apply to eye bare gall, menstruation overmuch, haematemesis, n/med having blood in one’s stool, the disease such as hematic collapse.

8, tremella: The gender is smooth, flavour pleasant, have the effect with aperient bowel of strong choice of lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, filling kidney, hemostatic, invigorate the circulation of blood, embellish,

Attune of 6 great attentions arranges period health care period

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