Defend the world of cate of flu dietotherapy square _


Defend the world of cate of flu dietotherapy square _

Prevent flu dietotherapy square

2012-02-07 14:18:46

Prevent flu dietotherapy square: Field mint congee but clear hot detoxify reduces infection odds

“Our common people prevents armour feeling to be able to drink bit of gram and ormosia to boil boiling water, perhaps boil congee together with field mint, a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province and big jujube, had not been necessary to drink Chinese traditional medicine now soup.

Liu Qingquan thinks, undertake on dietary daily life ability is effective and feasible is on guard. Because armour feeling expression is,have a fever, the hot disease such as cough, when preventing so, should notice delicate food, often make the food of next some of fire. For example field mint congee, boil congee together with field mint, a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province and big jujube, boil soup to drink together with ormosia and gram, dou Youqing heats up alexipharmic action, can have certain precautionary effect.

If appear buccal bazoo is particularly dry, can dip in with alexipharmic cotton autograph nasal cavity of the besmear outside balm, have the effect of moisten the respiratory tract. Face the Chinese traditional medicine that a variety of precaution armour of the exposure on media feel now square, a lot of common people are asking: “Drink Chinese traditional medicine to you can prevent armour H1N1 flu after all?

Liu Qingquan thinks, these Chinese traditional medicine that prevent armour feeling just suit tall danger crowd only, include to have been to the epidemic disease area, person that has contacted with the person that affect to wait. Healthy ordinary common people is done not have completely necessary drink Chinese traditional medicine, healthy when drink Chinese traditional medicine to be able to cause undesirable reaction instead.

To the phenomenon of fennel of anise of scare buying of very much now common people, liu Qingquan also suggests not to eat more, because anise fennel boils the Huang Zhang that the dissolve after water gives,ether eats much the meeting is toxic, and the action that boil boiling water with anise fennel stew and feels without precautionary armour.

In addition, the work and rest that holds the rule is very important also, a lot of youths have the habit that stay up late, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks such very injury healthy atmosphere, can weaken the immune power of human body.

In the meantime, the state of mind that maintains relaxed calm also is helpful for enhancing the immune power of the body.

Chao Enxiang of assistant group leader of committee of experts of flu of armour of prophylaxis and treatment of drug of traditional Chinese medical science of management board of medicine of national traditional Chinese medical science H1N1 says, after all the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has not been in clinical on cure spends armour feeling patient, still need to undertake perfect and be adjustmented when cure.

But armour feeling is a kind of flu after all, medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is being controlled and treat flu respect to have whole academic system and rich experience, controlling inflammation especially, reduce immunity to damage wait for a respect to have an advantage.

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