The female protects a heart to take bit of a surname more kind the world of food _ cate


The female protects a heart to take bit of a surname more kind the world of food _ cate

The female protects a heart to take bit of a surname more kind food

2012-02-07 14:16:46

Be in the United States, female heart health got more and more attention. Newest data shows, annual woman of nearly 460 thousand United States dies at heart disease. Do not have the male sometimes as a result of symptom of female heart disease so apparent, because this often is in inchoate be ignored by patient and doctor.

The female protects a heart to take bit of a surname more kind food

Broadcast in the ABC ” 5 methods of female precaution heart disease ” in the program, doctor Maria Sawade introduces, when C reacts albumen is human body lash-up, the protein of photograph of a kind of acute that produces by liver. Its test can reflect the inflammation rate of coronary artery as a result. With hypertensive, high cholesterol, c reacts albumen is the signal of heart disease early-warning that you must note. So, how to reduce C reaction albumen, is what reduce heart disease in daily life thereby dangerous? Doctor Sawade put forward to the female expostulatory at 5 o’clock.

1, ” Mediterranean food is used to ” . Doctor Sawade says, eat fish, nut, corn, fruit and vegetable more, be ” Mediterranean food ” core. Consider to make clear, habit of this kind of food reduces C effectively to react albumen checks a result. And, eat black chocolate every week effective to this also. The food of the conduce heart health that the doctor gives out includes: Beans of 3 article fish, green cauliflower, spinach, tomato, grape, unripe almond, Hu Tao, mouth, olive oil and Hei Qiaoke force.

2, advertent your medicaments. Say according to Doctor Sawade, if you are taking prophylactic of profess to convinced, the result of test of C reaction albumen that discovers oneself at the same time is very tall, so you still had better be out of service. Because the experiment proves, the hormone in prophylactic can lift C reacts albumen checks a result.

3, notice dental health care. Chronic gum disease also can increase the inflammation degree of human body and the risk that contract heart disease. Accordingly, clean oral cavity, nurturance uses tooth of the habit of dental floss, regular examination after eat, have profit to your heart.

4, take a surname more kind food. Doctor Sawade introduces, the piquancy food such as yellow ginger of Chinese ginger, India is a few chiliad come on Oriental table common. The experiment makes clear, they have effect very much to antagonism inflammation.

5, body and mind is loosened. If classics of your every deity stretchs tight closely, heart burden also is met very big. Spend the way of money least of all, nothing is more… than loosens the mood, Morpheus that keeps enough. Lian Yujia, much do deep breathing to be able to help you be far from heart disease to perplex.

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