Fight consenescence the world of cate of _ of 4 kinds of natural material


Fight consenescence the world of cate of _ of 4 kinds of natural material

Fight consenescence 4 kinds of natural material

2012-02-07 14:03:59

The person arrives senile, most subject disease is disease of heart head blood-vessel, diabetic wait for chronic illness with cancer. These diseases are concerned with the consenescence of airframe, accordingly, fighting consenescence is the first issue with human macrobian health.

Fight consenescence to suffer the effect of a lot of elements, and food nutrition is the directest, one of the mainest factors. Food (like the fruit) in contain a lot of active ingredient that fight consenescence, use proper, can prevent a heart and vessels disease, diabetic the happening that waits for a disease with cancer and development, stimulative health, prolong life. Chun Xia is seasonal, fruit variety is rich, junior people can think the old person is a few more standing have the fruit that fights anile action, will add birthday to add cent for the old person, 2 will also use up filial piety heart.

(Pick from ” masses medicine ” )

Fruit conduce fights consenescence

1999, research center of nutrition of old age of American Ministry of Agriculture passes the research discovery of 3 months, the aged mice complements everyday after La Mei, strawberry extracts content, cerebrum retreats travel sex change to get apparent slow down, carry dynamic balancing coordinates a gender to be improved apparently, study remembers ability to rise somewhat. Not come singly but in pairs, our country researcher also discovers, the pomegranate juice that contains a lot ofplant compound is anile to the aged mice injury of relevant protein, DNA has effect of apparent prevention and cure. On this foundation, develop test of old people volunteer further again, drink juice of a cup of pomegranate everyday each, all around hind the examination discovers as a result, old people fights oxidation function to get clear improvement, show pomegranate juice is had fight anile action potentially.

Fight anile active ingredient to be discovered

In recent years, dietetics home passes research discovery, fruit besides containing our foregone nutriment, still contain a lot ofa large number of natural plant compound. These material fight oxidation force through rising, adjust function of alexipharmic enzymatic active, exciting immunity, improvement the action such as poison of the hormone metabolization, disease-resistant that fight bacterium, play delays anile action. Common plant compound is phyletic in the fruit, distributing reach its function to be as follows:

1, kind carotene

B carotene — in be being contained at fruit of yellow, orange more, wait like mango, apricot, cantaloup, Chinese flowering quince. Conduce to defer

Anile, have effect of prevention and cure to certain tumour, can improve lobar function, reduce diabetic complication.

Corpus luteum element — in be being contained at the fruit such as yangtao, pomegranate more. Conduce to the vision that protects old people, reduce the happening of cataract, have precautionary effect possibly also to the happening of certain tumour.

Tomato red element — in be being contained at the fruit such as grape of tomato, wine, watermelon more. Conduce to those who reduce prostate cancer and heart disease happening.

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