The child is long these 4 kinds tall food should eat less! _ cate the world


The child is long these 4 kinds tall food should eat less! _ cate the world

The child is long these 4 kinds tall food should eat less!

2016-12-08 14:27:56

The child is long tall, rely on dad Mom 7 minutes, lean 3 minutes hard.

Pa Mom thinks the child grows high, that is about to take care, below these 4 kinds of food, it is the child grows tall blacklist, let the child less eat as far as possible.

TOP1 candy and sweetmeat

The child eats too much candy and sweet food, can affect appetite, arrived prandial this eating food that contains a lot ofall sorts of nutrition does not have gastric impediment however, affect nutrient absorption.

And, too much candy, the calcium that still can affect baby metabolizes character, the calcification inside cloggy body, the effect is lasting tall.

Beverage of TOP2 carbonic acid

Must say, the child loves to drink carbonic acid beverage, a lot of moment are adult was done ” bad example ” .

These carbonic acid beverage, phosphorous content is higher, if the child often is drunk, can bring about the calcium inside body phosphorous scale is maladjusted, cause stunt.

TOP3 deepfry food, souse food, potted food

Sweet circle, potato wait for food, of scamper sweet sweet, a lot of children love to eat, potato deserve to go up again ketchup, that is suck finger simply, ate even another portion.

When having breakfast, light eats white congee too drab, do not want to prepare other food again again, take hot pickled mustard tuber to match white congee to eat.

But, these deepfry, souse, potted kind food, in the process that make, prediction of a person’s luck in a given year many nutrition, tall oil, tall salt, and used all sorts of additive again, for instance antiseptic, essence, pigment, can stimulate gastric bowel mucous membrane already, eat much still can cause enteron unwell, affect prandial absorption.

TOP4 freezing food

Freezer is everybody lasts now alimental good assistant, but, the food that just took from freezer, must not eat to darling immediately. Additional, ice cream also is the pet food of a lot of children.

But, these refrigerant food, can stimulate taste, still may cause abdominal distension, bellyacke, have loose bowels to wait, influence nurture is digested character absorb.

So, the child is long tall, lean 3 minutes hard, effort also should use method of the other side. Natural and balanced diet, just be the most healthy!

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