The frigidity that how the husband makes do a wife – flying Hua Jiankang net


The frigidity that how the husband makes do a wife – flying Hua Jiankang net

 One, how does the wife have frigidity to do?

Sexual life is passional and rising, each other is husband and wife a kind of contented activity. Sometimes one antrum passion of the husband, suffer the cold shoulder of the wife however, although have sex constrainedly, in the end also is to part on bad terms, is this after all how one and the same?

It is the wife got frigidity disease so, show the female loses interest to sexual life namely, generate indifferently, nauseous sentiment even. This is a kind of modelSexual dysfunction.

Sexual reaction of the mankind is to get thinking activity pilot, all sorts of inhibition, self-condemned, AngstAndScaredWait for undesirable mood, can pass pallium the influence that to the gender central nervous reachs axis of sexual gland of pituitary of —— of grave head bottom, and the occurrence that restrains orgasm. The cause that causes this kind of condition comes from two respects commonly: ① patient itself has certain disease, if ovarian function is insufficient, or adrenal coriaceous wait for endocrine function with pituitary maladjusted. ② by restrain, scared mood, sexual life does not coordinate those who wait for psychological element to cause. Generally speaking, pleasure of female generation sex, orgasm relatively the male is logy. If the man cannot fit a female,this lifetime manages characteristic, can bring about sexual life to be not satisfied for a long time, some causes coital nowadays abdomen evenNervous, pelvic muscleConvulsion, the phenomenon such as vaginal convulsion. This since frigidity the result of disease, also be cause or accentuate the reason of frigidity disease.

Study an analysis according to medical home, the female frigidity of great majority is spirit (psychology) element be caused by.

Accordingly, want the heavy burden that puts down a back to go up in the body above all, build confidence. Investigate data proof domestic and internationally in great quantities, the female frigidity growth as marriageable age, year after year decreases, can the sexual life between husband and wife become more hold in the palm?

Next, coordinate feeling of husband and wife. Because do not have the marriage of love or disaccord of feeling of husband and wife, with respect to the fun that won’t have sexual life. In the family, the wife is not marital appendage, care more only and show consideration for a wife, ability makes she forgets unfortunate past gradually, ten million cannot reveal unsatisfactory on utterance. Often can accompany her to take a walk, travel, see a movie. Exert oneself more on household work, give more on spirit encourage, offer the solace of mentally to her ceaselessly. When difference opinion appears in the life, should adopt beg Great Harmony to put patient and little surprise, munificent attitude, make contradict to alleviate and be able to solve.

The 3rd, those who need both sides is close cooperate, work of the preparation before sexual intercourse should be some more sufficient, the thing makes love again when waiting for a wife to have sexual desire, this is helpful also to the change of frigidity. When the wife temporary as a result of physiology or psychological element do not hope when of the same branch of a family, do not be the desire that satisfy his sexual desire and does not respect a wife only, force sex, such, can make a wife right sexual life feels disgusted more and detest.

   2, the wife that how the husband treats frigidity

Ought to say frigidity is the situation that both sides of male and female can encounter, but statistical data tells us, more than the male and the woman is heavy. An investigation data makes clear: Married woman has 26% to suffer from the frigidity of different level. Accordingly, as the husband ought to special whether is the spouse that notices oneself put in frigidity, and the wife that ought to learn how to treat frigidity more.

Estrogen decline is considered as the “ killer ” of middleaged female sexual desire by a lot of people all the time. Will report on November 9 according to Reuter however, publish in newest first phase ” sexology studies ” the research on the magazine shows, middleaged female sexual desire drops, be opposite with them of own figure dissatisfactory direct and relevant.

Ni Yazhou of standard of evening of beautiful state guest establishs university female to study an associate professor doctor of conspicuous of division of · of · Ba Siluo spent Patricia 10 years, track investigated 307 ages to be in 35—55 year old the female between. The person menopause that there is 21% in them comes ahead of schedule, the person of 63.5% appeared the foreboding of menopause, the person of 15.5% already menopause. But, menopause did not reduce its sex satisfaction to spend. The person of 72% thinks even, basically every time sexual life, more satisfactory still. And the medicaments that loses place to undertake to defer these female sex enthusiasm delays menopause treatment, without what apparent also effect.

Nevertheless, as a whole, these are adjacent and middleaged, perhaps had entered time of middleaged woman sexual life very little, think with them oneself do not have glamour, lack undertakes sexual courage is concerned.

Be being investigated in the female, the person that has 21% about thinks they are in without a single redeeming feature of sexual glamour respect, the gastric ministry that they like themselves to highlight least of all, little stomach, coxal, ham and crus. The hope on this kind of bodily form is scant, there is a desire to sexual love all the time since allowing the woman of 2/3 10 years, sexual time becomes little.

Actually, the wife has frigidity to be in the night of newly-married can become aware. Say commonly, the lover begins to talk marriage when marrying, was to arrive of course the phase of Yue of two affection photograph, success will come when conditions are ripe, guo Qingqing is experienced certainly among this I I, before the flowers and below the moon amative season. If cummer is early sexual is cool, in at ordinary times total meeting is behaved somewhat in association process, if fear the close behavior such as hug, kiss, and whole process of love also holds to espouse phase hard. If the female of frigidity held to the night of newly-married, so the first time contact of sexual life can make the husband feels disaccord concordant unpleasantness, because the wife may be shown,shrink back not before, very loath manner, right now the husband must not take action rudely, and should undertake patiently caressing, make the wife enters sexual excitement state stage by stage as far as possible. If the husband is loath and gruffly makes love, criterion the psychology that the first night brings to the wife mixes newly-married physiologyTraumaticCan make original delitescent perhaps is longitudinal frigidity becomes apparent and serious, this may be the marital place that loves truly her only then expect not as good as.

After the night of newly-married discovers wife sexual is cold, marital suspicion, malcontent, curse down to to beat up can make a case more and more severe only, ten million is done must not! The husband that regards true love as the wife should be mixed from physiology two respects come to psychology do the work. Will tell from physiology, since the first night has been opposite newly-married,the wife causes some of scar, resting a few days is necessary, should await a wife local scar cicatrizations gradually.

Will tell from mentally, the husband should have a thought to prepare to do more long-term, patience and painstaking work to the wife. Should be in above all amative season Qing Qing I I, before the flowers and below the moon in the scene, continue to breed the sentiment when be passionately in love, in glowing love and meticulously caress next making the wife opens his mind, talk about the reason of frigidity and development process. If the wife can be tearful,the clue with even brutal sex is encroached when speaking one’s early years by the gender; If wife can tirelessly speaks him young when accept incorrect sex is taught or be afraid ofBe pregnant, Childbirthcircumstance; If the wife can speak pair of men to have,be detested orScaredexperience, what can say to had acquired an in part is successful, because can come according to the reason next,undertake was remedialed.

After the first-hand data that obtains wife frigidity, the husband should treat a wife with the attitude that sympathize with very and understands, must not use distain, the verbal and exciting the other side that cold-shoulder, can bring about frigidity accentuation for certain otherwise. The husband of really beloved wife should melt with glowing love the ice cube in wife heart, come with broad chest and strong double arm keep out and drive go enveloping the shadow on wife mind, make the wife feels those who one can trust, close, strong Palladium is in beside, to the husband generation is depended on, accredit and appreciative sentiment, feeling to be able to live together with such man is a kind of happiness, such ability are met gradually the requirement of sexual and desire.

In daily sexual life, the husband should make caressing motion more, even if be the layout of the bedroom, bedding tonal, acousto-optic cooperate to wait, want to be helpful for bilateral sexual life, want to avoid to take the sexual pose that the wife detests and action, the way that picks what she loves to long for, also can use some of lubricant to make sexual life easier appropriately, more free from worry. The attention stresses the skill of a few sexes, make the sex appeal of the wife reachs a peak as far as possible.

If pass afore-mentioned effort, the circumstance of the wife still cannot get improvement, be about to accompany her to make an inspection to the hospital, look what disease is there on the body? Function of examination liver function, kidney, thyroid function, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and head CT, want to make the inspection of department of gynaecology and obstetrics especially, discover the problem wants seasonable treatment.

Frigidity is permanent rarely with what last, if the husband can perserve the ground is stuck from physiology and mentally body, consideration, caress a wife, frigidity becomes sexual excitement is can be expected soon. It is very important also to consult psychological doctor when necessary of course, psychological doctor can coach how the husband and wife cooperate each other, mutual and harmonious, the family that makes because frigidity is brought,both sides is overcome stage by stage is vexed.

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