Seminal and too much difficult be pregnant – flying Hua Jiankang net


Seminal and too much difficult be pregnant – flying Hua Jiankang net

I often can examine a kind of such patients in male family outpatient service, they pay close attention to their seminal circumstance very much, when discovering overmuch or seminal quantity is too little, the body that can worry about oneself gave what issue, the sexual function that suspects oneself is bad.

Figure through observing seminal capacity comes the healthy state of the body is reasonable, but observe by naked eye the error is bigger only, when examining such patient, I can suggest they do a seminal convention to check above all, well and truly metric and seminal quantity and spermatozoon quality.

Seminal fluid is comprised by spermatozoon and refining, spermatozoon is occupied about 5% , refining is occupied about 95% . Spermatozoon arises in spermary, mature in epididymis and store. In refining 60% it is spermatic fluid, 30% it is prostate fluid, still fluid of a few epididymis and fluid of urethral ball gland wait. When sexual life, spermatozoon is carried as the section rule motion of seminiferous duct urethral prostate ministry, here interfuse prostate fluid and spermatic fluid. When the seminal quantity that becomes here raises fixed cost gradually, as basin bottom sarcous a series of systole, seminal fluid is shot outside body.

On medicine, the normal volume that ejaculates is 2—6 milliliter. Seminal quantity is less than 0.5 milliliter to do not have seminal disease; Be less than 2 milliliter to be little seminal disease; Over 6 milliliter are much more seminal disease.

When discovering seminal quantity is little, want to consider to have go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations ejaculation, it is seminal fluid was not shot normally outside body, be shot by retrograde motion however in bladder, need to undertake uric fluid is checked at this moment, whether are there a large number of spermatozoons in uric fluid observes below microscope; Want to consider to have the infection of accessary sexual gland, cause seminal fluid to secrete decrease; Consider to have spermary even the function drops and endocrine is disorder, cause growth of spermatic gland, prostate not complete, cause seminal fluid to secrete inadequacy; Additional, sexual life frequency is exorbitant also can cause seminal amount little, because this proposal patient is abstinency seminal fluid of 3—5 day reexamination is groovy.

Discover seminal fluid measures a long time, want to consider the functional hyperfunction of the accessary sexual gland such as spermatic gland, prostate. Seminal quantity increases, can cause spermatozoon density to drop, andSeminal and overmuchCan make the seminal fluid inside the vagina many pour out of and take a large number of spermatozoon, interference spermatozoon moves inside female vagina, reduce conception odds thereby, bring about evenInfecund.

(the exercitation edits: Cai Junyi)

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