Why is fourth Ding Tou met red? ? – flying Hua Jiankang net


Why is fourth Ding Tou met red? ? – flying Hua Jiankang net

Can encounter friend of a few men everyday almost, glans is red, ask to make the inspection of the sexual infectivity disease such as the AIDS, poison that check a plum to him to the hospital, especially a few young, do not have what experience, lying again with the girlfriend by chance the man in be passionately in love.

Check the contagious disease such as Cha Aizi disease, syphilis to need very much admittedly actually, but a lot of moment are done not have necessary too alarmed, have genital inflammation probably!

  Glans is red see more at “ glans phlogistic ”

1, Wrapping is too longPatient, there is secretion to pledge inside wrapping, clean not in time, constant regular meeting is concealed in to call channel of “ coronal shape the place of ” , namely the “ that we often say shelters evil people and practices ” .

Time grows, or drink eat hot prick to stimulate, glans is shown red wait for unusual symptom, some still has strange urticant etc unwell.

2, weather of long overcast and rainy, briefs or quilt did not get the disinfection of sun’s rays ultraviolet ray in time, very easy afterwards is sentMould infection, this is glans of sex of so called mould phlogistic.

Same woman gets mould sex accordinglyVaginitisMore, increase the sexual activity that has husband and wife, produce alternate infection very easily.

3, sock and briefs, quilt boil in washing machine together when washing, the mould that gets on the sock very easily also is passed to briefs or quilt, these mould encounter appropriate condition, can breed.

   How should prevent glans phlogistic

1, wrapping crosses better, want to clean glans in time, like treating glans to want to resemble treating his head face, maintain clean; at the same time, also hope to excise too long wrapping, let these pathogenic bacteria shelter evil people and practices without “ the place of ” .

2, often dry the clothes by, when basking without the condition when shade wet especially, can use artificial method seasonable drying.

3, the spouse also should go in time cure of department of gynaecology, during cure, should abstinency or bring a protection, prevent alternate infection.

4, do not drink eat hot, if have feculent sexual life history, should detect sexual infectivity disease.

Expert of hospital of specialized subject of the long make water that treat secrete points out, phlogistic harm wears glans a lot of man friends, caused very big menace to the health of male friend, because this man friend is in daily life,must do good precaution. If had sufferred from,went up glans is phlogistic, go to normal hospital in time undertaking ability is crucial remedial.

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