Which does sexual education film suit the child? The importance of sexual education film – flying Hua Jiankang net


Which does sexual education film suit the child? The importance of sexual education film – flying Hua Jiankang net

We always are very bashful to the gender, but you are afraidSexual educationCannot gain ground prematurely, your child also won’t is fed up with when bad person is young. Oneself also do not know children oneself, although was encountered,encroach, they also cannot realize this is one kind is encroached, talk about ego protection. Today, small made up everybody to bring a few aboutThe gender teachs the film, the hope passes theseThe gender teachs the film, children can understand him truly, understand dangerous warning, escape dangerous; lets parents know how to teach the child correctly the knowledge about the gender, and the awkward; that does not talk about a genderThe gender teachs the filmThe safe and healthy environment that lets us think how to create a children to grow together.

  A minute of sex is taught

Content effectiveness

Every collect lasts one minute only. With talk and painterly form, this one collect tells us necessarySexual knowledgeWith ego protection, and how is church parents talked about with the childSexual relationship.

Appropriate age: 6-15 year old

Recommend target: 5 stars

Recommend reason

This short appears with talk and painterly form. It is novel and vivid. Even if adult also can discover watch very interesting.

“From where do I come? “From where do I come??

“Why are the boy and girl different? “Why are the boy and girl different??

Has your child asked these the question? How do you answer them?

Ash-bin? Grow in soil?

Do not answer this question. This film can teach you how to reply to division knowledge is inscribed and do not feel awkward.

There are a lot of vivid and interesting metaphors in film. For example, SpermatozoonThe process of be fertilized injects with respect to canal resembling a needle, Men and womenThe distinction between resembles plug and electrical outlet.

So, you can answer the child after, pass parental be fertilized and you are born, be fertilized injects like injector, without ashamed feeling, with the explanation of the film, face the child’s curiosity generously.

Film still emphasizes, children should notice ego protects: The cap of vest and trousers cannot be felt and see, if you appear here, you must cry ask for help! Let children remember these, tell him what is bad, be far from those strange corn. ~

2. 7 minutesThe gender is invadedPrecaution teachs short

Recommend target: 5 stars

Content effectiveness

A very classical American children sex encroachs precaution to teach video, last 7 minutes only, the ego that introduced children in the round protects technical ability.

Appropriate age: 2-10 year old

Recommend reason

Return when a child small, when knowing these figure of speeches, how should be he done?

This short can help him, the cartoon figure that lets teachers and students looks lovely and friendly, children are badly in need of understanding the teacher’s problem.

Do you know? In the eye of children, hellion is those grin are laughing to staring at themRed-eyedperson.

In the begin of this short, the teacher overturned children are right of hellion ” imagination ” , tell them privacy what to the part is.

The actualest is, the film summed up the alarm of 5 hellion, once these alarm appear,such children know, he can be far from this individual. It still summed up 3 kinds of special situations, make children can distinguish what is love, what is alarm.

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