What is contraceptive bolt? The measure technological process that uses contraceptive bolt to use contraceptive – flying Hua Jiankang net


What is contraceptive bolt? The measure technological process that uses contraceptive bolt to use contraceptive – flying Hua Jiankang net

  Contraceptive boltWhat be? Contraceptive boltIt is the contraceptive medicaments of the short-term deadline of a kind of external use, have killSpermatozoonaction, can melt in normal temperature, how is contraceptive bolt used? The method that contraceptive bolt uses contraceptive is very simple, Contraceptive boltbasically use atSexBefore, place its in the vagina darker placePlace, take its to melt can. The measure flow that uses contraceptive with contraceptive bolt understands together.

   The bases of contraceptive suppository does not have side-effect, security is so higher, and contraceptive suppository removes contraceptive main effect outside, still have the effect of contractive vagina. The active ingredient of contraceptive suppository still has powerful curb bacterium, fight phlogistic action, inMen and womenthe life, can avoid the result that across affects, the disease of common department of gynaecology such as certain defence result is erodedVaginitis, cervix, in also suiting, senile woman is used.

   Contraceptive suppository is harmful the female is little, but and urgent use contraceptive, grow effect contraceptive measure, Short-term prophylacticPhotograph comparing is commonProphylactic of profess to convinced, the contraceptive effect such as contraceptive suppository is poorer, meeting occurrence allergy or vagina feel in use of very rare female slight and provocative appearance, so the woman chooses appropriate contraceptive method below the proposal of OK and professional personage.

   How to use the suppository inside palace? Using contraceptive plug correctly is to be below the premise that lets its produce contraceptive effect, contraceptive bolt wants to be used before sexual intercourse, if use hind contraceptive effect how. Before the use method of contraceptive bolt is used as follows, wash his hands (prevent a bacterium to enter vaginal) along with medicaments, take out the suppository inside palace, shuck tinsel paper or stencil.

   The female lies on her back partly, put contraceptive bolt needle in the vaginaMouthBefore, push medicaments the vagina from vaginal mouth slowly with the hand in, after about 100 minutes, after contraceptive bolt melts, can make love.

   Generally speaking, avoid to use be pregnant the contraceptive effect of suppository does not exceed half hours. If medicaments is placed,second half did not ejaculate inside hour, answer to add potion additionally.

   Use this kind of remedy for utmost ground, the female should lie on her back after sexual love ends 10-15 minute. After waiting for hour of 6 ~ 8, usable Wen Shuichong washs pudenda.

   The use of contraceptive bolt uses contraceptive except the consideration outside the effect, note safe problem even, if use contraceptive plug,unwell symptom appears in the process, best disuse, do very clean work at the same time. Menstrual case still should note after using, whether does observation have pregnant possibility.

   In the observation before using. Before using, should notice to pack, the relevant circumstance such as color, the medicines and chemical reagents that lest use,expire or deteriorates.

   No-no. If the female suffers from prolapse of debaucjed of neck of vaginitis, palace, uterus,wait unsuited use contraceptive plug, had better choose other contraceptive method.

   Lest flyblown. Oil is contained inside a place of strategic importance inside palace, the clothings after this kind of oily be soiled is cleaned hard, want to notice to shun flyblow clothings clothes when use so.

   Avoid to mix use. When using contraceptive plug, do not use condom or other prophylactic to provide, allow easy attaint balata because of contraceptive bolt, can affect contraceptive result.

   The attention is allergic. Individual woman is reached because of drug allergy local spend provocative appearance gently, once appear unwell symptom, should disuse is tasted originally.

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